Hey friends, I’m honored that you’ve sought out more information about me. Let’s keep this as informal as possible, shall we? Here’s a little bit about myself:

My name’s Cassandra Coleman and I live outside of Nashville, Tennessee in a quaint, little town called Columbia. For my daily grind, I’m an espresso-slingin’ barista that manages a coffee shop, but as of 6 months ago, I’m a contestant on a national-level competition show called American Idol competing for a record label in the music industry.

Growing up we moved around a lot. With my father in the military, we became pros at boxing up our lives and renovating fixer-up-ers every couple of years. I was painting baseboards and kitchen cabinets myself by seven years old. Throughout it all my mother homeschooled my four siblings and I. An elementary teacher with a passion for singing and songwriting herself, Mom always had music floating through the house. From church hymns, to artists like Stevie Nicks, Enya, and James Taylor, my parent’s taste made a huge impact on the type of music that would influence my style. I’m also influenced by more current creators like AURORA, Birdy, Bon Iver, Florence Welch, and many other indie musicians. I would consider myself a dark indie/pop artist, but I also hesitate to put myself into a box. Art is something that flows out of you freely and I don’t feel it should have to be limited for the sake of consistency.

Apparently I’ve been keeping beat since two, harmonizing since five, and singing since my vocal cords had formed enough to allow me to. Though the passion I feel for singing is as commonplace for me as the hairs on my head are red, I struggle with the performance side of music. Stage fright cripples me to the point of becoming cotton mouthed and losing touch with reality while I’m performing. Until now, my fear has kept me from pursuing music and limited me to being strictly a virtual performer. It’s daunting to enter the music scene without help and I didn’t even know where to begin. Besides that, I’d been telling myself I’d never take off with a musical career, so why even attempt to pursue it. While working full time, creating for the internet was enough to curb my musical appetite on a day to day basis, but it still left me wondering if I was capable of achieving more.

When the opportunity to audition for the judges (Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie) fell into my lap I knew I couldn’t turn it down. What if I became bitter because I never had the courage to pursue my dreams? What if I was capable of a music career and fear was the only thing stopping me?

Living a life of “what if’s” scared me more than my fear of failure did, so I decided to take a chance on myself, and what a blessing this experience has been! I’ve already learned so much in such a small duration of time. This fast track I’ve been placed on doesn’t mean immediate success, and this is only the beginning of my journey, but I’m more than willing to put in the hard work.

I’m honored that you’re here on this journey with me and I hope you’ll stick around to watch me grow! I’m so excited for the new future American Idol has started to paint for my life.